Hi, I’m James Cline

I play Ukulele and guitar

I’ve been playing the guitar and making music for a long time but I got into the Ukulele just a little over two years ago, almost by accident. My first Ukulele was an impulse buy. The next thing you know, I’m writing and performing original music for the Uke, making arrangements that feature the tiny instrument and teaching students how to play it….

If you think the Ukulele is just a toy, you might be surprised at what it can do. Here is one of my original tunes for you to enjoy:

If you’d like to hear or see more, visit my Recordings or Video pages here on this site.

Like you, I always promised myself that someday I would create something that I was proud of, that allowed me to express myself, and that I would put it out there to share. The Ukulele finally put me on the road to making good on that promise. You’re invited to join me on the journey…

Thanks for checking out my website-you are truly awesome!