Hi, I’m James Cline

I Live A Musical Life

I probably make music because I’m crazy. I used to play just guitar, but now I play a ton of different instruments, some of which are pictured here.

I love to learn. I love to teach. Disclaimer: I have a Doctoral Degree in music, a D.M.A.. (If you’re wondering, “D.M.A.” stands for “Doesn’t Mean Anything.”)

I’ve decided that I’m living the rest of my life as musically as possible. Join me in my journey.

I’m Wiping My Old Site Clean, and Starting Over

This site was originally built to showcase my Ukulele music. I love to play Ukulele, but I love other musical things too, so I wanted this site to reflect everything I am musically.  I have lots of new projects in progress, including a duo with the amazing pianist Adriana Teodoro-Dier (www.atdcmusic.com)!

I’m building it up bit by bit. For now, if you want to contact me, try my Facebook page (facebook.com/JamesClineMusic) my Instagram (@doctorcline) or my Twitter (@jamesclinemusic). I check social media less than maybe I should, but I will get back, and I love hearing from you!

Thanks for checking out my website-you are truly awesome!